How To Make an Admission to Pointelickcare

Are you looking for a way to make the admission process easier and more efficient? PointClickCare can help. PointClickCare is a professional nursing software providing comprehensive tools and resources to simplify admissions.

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You can streamline your admission processes from start to finish while providing quality care for your patients.

In this article, we will discuss six steps that you can take to master your admission process with PointClickCare. These steps ensure that your patient’s needs are met quickly and efficiently. So let’s start!

How To Make an Admission to Pointelickcare

1. Gather Necessary Information and Documentation

Before beginning the admission process, ensure you have all the necessary information and documentation for your patient. This includes medical history, recent doctor’s visits, lab results, insurance coverage details, and other relevant documents.

2. Create an Admission Record

In PointClickCare, you must create a new admission record before entering information about your patient’s care plan. To do this, click “Create New Admission” in the main menu and follow the steps to get started.

3. Enter Patient Data

Once you have created an admission record, it is time to enter your patient’s basic information. This includes name, address, phone number, date of birth, gender, weight, height, and other pertinent details.

4. Create a Care Plan

When you are ready to create a care plan for your patient’s admission, use PointClickCare’s built-in tools to generate a customized plan based on their specific needs. Ensure all recommended treatments and medications are included in the care plan before submitting it for approval.

5. Schedule Follow-up Appointments

After creating an admission record and entering patient data into PointClickCare, you should schedule follow-up appointments with the doctor or nurse practitioner assigned to your patient’s case.

6. Monitor Patient Progress

Monitor your patient’s progress throughout their stay at the facility. PointClickCare’s advanced reporting tools can help you track changes in the patient’s condition and any improvements or setbacks in their recovery process.

7. Finalize Admission

When a patient is ready to be discharged, you must finalize their admission. PointClickCare simplifies this task by providing all the necessary forms and documents in one secure platform, ensuring a smooth transition and accurate record-keeping.

Documents Required

For PointClickCare AdmissionsBefore you start the admission process with PointClickCare, ensure you have all the necessary documents on hand. These include

  • Patient ID card
  • Insurance cards
  • Recent medical history and lab results
  • Doctor’s visit notes or referrals
  • List of medications

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