How Do You Add a Due Date to a Pointclickcare Billing Statement?

Do you want to add a due date to your Pointclickcare billing statement? Knowing when your bills are due is essential for staying on top of payments and avoiding late fees. Fortunately, adding a due date to your statement in just a few steps is easy.

By Following, With the help of this guide, you can quickly update your billing documents to reflect the payment terms agreed upon with each customer.

Steps To Add a Due Date to a Pointclickcare Billing Statement

  1. Log into your Pointclickcare account and navigate to the “Accounts Receivable” tab.
  2. Select the invoice you want to edit and click the “Edit Invoice” button.
  3. On the next page, you will see a field labeled “Due Date.” Enter the date corresponding to the payment terms discussed with each customer in this space.
  4. Click “Save Changes” when finished.
  5. Your changes are now saved and reflected on the billing statement.

Now that your billing statements have been updated with new due dates, you can rest assured that customers will know when their payments are due!

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